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Our Services

Physical Access to our UAE Customers in Sharjah

Our Dubai office in Industrial #3, Maliah road, Sharjah UAE is there to support our customers for all kind of delivery servi

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24/7 Customer Services

Awareness on Status of your shipment is giving you peace of mind, PGL will access its customer to PGLCargo system to find ou

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USA Warehouse & Loading Facilities

Fast Shipping, Transport, and towing Services through its equipped warehouse of 3 Acre (6 Jerib) of Land Located in Savannah

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Loading Services

PGL has 7 Loading Docks and will provide the quickest loading services to its Customers. Depending on the car makes, models and value, usually 3-4 cars are loaded to 40 ft containers, while the

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Towing Services

We provide Towing and Transport Service for your Cars from any Auction Point or location to any of the Loading Facility in USA. Collection of cars, motorcycles, boats, special machinery from au

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Cargo Shipping & Auto Export

Cargo transportation in containers - this service will be offered to you if the size of your vehicle allows it to be safely loaded into a container. Container shipment is one of the cheapest wa

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